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Flight of the Gibbon - Serious about Safety 

The mission of Flight of the Gibbon is to provide you with fun-filled adventures and unforgettable memories. But there is one thing that we could not be more serious about – your safety. The safety of our visitors and our staff is paramount. With safety in mind, our Zipline courses have been constructed by industry-leading international experts who have decades of experience in the field. Each Flight of the Gibbon location has been outfitted with top-quality equipment manufactured in Europe, which has been rigorously tested to exceed all necessary international safety standards.  

Protecting You, Protecting the Rainforest 

Our triple-bolted construction, engineered exclusively for us in Europe, keeps each line functioning independently. Structurally, this is the safest method used anywhere in the world. This design is also the least disruptive for the trees and protects them from damage and allows them to flourish. The Chiangmai and Chonburi courses are the only courses in Thailand to have been inspected by a certified ERCA representative (European Ropes Course Association).

Flight of the Gibbon Training Safety

Expert Sky Rangers to Help You

When you Zipline with Flight of the Gibbon, group sizes are kept small to ensure safety and provide you with an even more enjoyable experience. There will be a maximum of nine people in your group with two fully-trained Sky Rangers assigned to each group. Our Sky Rangers will present you with a thorough safety briefing and will then personally outfit you with the proper safety equipment. Our Sky Rangers will explain exactly what to do to ensure you have the best possible Zipline experience. They will also help you learn more about the unique features of the rainforest as you enjoy your exhilarating adventure amidst the beauty of the natural surroundings.

All of our Sky Rangers are trained in Zipline instruction and safety. They are also trained in CPR, first aid, and wilderness skills. We continually assess our staff and re-certify them every three months. Flight of the Gibbon is a certifed member of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA). 

European Ropes Course Association (ERCA)

Safety Equipment and Course Maintenance

Flight of the Gibbon employs a dedicated full-time team of international safety and maintenance personnel at each of our Zipline course locations. Courses and equipment are checked daily with any components replaced at the first sign of wear and tear. A comprehensive review is held every month and full maintenance logs are retained on-site at each location.

The equipment we use is Petzl from France and ISC from England, which are both brands that surpass European Safety Standards. We are also the first Zipline company in Thailand and Southeast Asia to test the ‘Zippy Anti-Roll Back Cam’ to prevent our guests from rolling backwards on the zipline cable.


Zipline Safety Thailand

Customer Insurance & Evacuation Plan

We have extensive evacuation maps and procedures in place with access roads running parallel to our Zipline courses in case of any emergency situation. We also supply insurance to all our guests which covers you on the Zipline course and also extends to cover the transport to and from the Zipline.

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