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Traditional Northern Thai Hospitality

Visit the delightful ecovillage of Mae Kampong in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai. Home to a small rural community who cultivate tea and coffee on hillside plantations, this is a wonderful location for an overnight homestay where you have the opportunity to sample traditional Lanna hospitality.

There is a strong sense of community in Mae Kampong with the local residents joining together to make their village as charming as possible for the increasing number of Thai and overseas visitors who come here to enjoy the traditional way of life.

Experience the culture of the local people and let them show you the way of life from a bygone era. Stay overnight at Mae Kampong in an authentic homestay where you will sample tasty home-cooked food and wake to the sound of cockerels crowing. Go for a walk through the rainforest and pay a visit to the lovely Mae Kampong Falls where you can relax with the view of beautiful mountain pools. Also choose from a variety of local cafes to enjoy your favorite beverage, some with views of the rainforest and village.

Mae Kampong is located an hour’s drive to the east of central Chiang Mai. At 1,300 meters above sea level, temperatures in the village are commonly 4-5° Celsius cooler than Chiang Mai city. With a quiet location, cooler climate, and villagers keen to look after their local environment, the rainforest and surrounding area is a hotspot of biodiversity.

When you purchase a homestay at Mae Kampong from Flight of the Gibbon we offer an authentic stay in real people’s homes, not guesthouses or tourist traps. You will need to be ready for a cultural experience as it will be rustic, yet homely with no air-conditioning and your hosts may be less than proficient in English. Including in this overnight homestay adventure is authentic home cooked Thai dinner, traditional Thai massage, breakfast and the overnight accommodations.

Flight of the Gibbon is proud of this Community Project, as there are approximately 50 friendly families in the village who are happy to offer their homes to visitors. Flight of the Gibbon keeps these homes on a rotating roster so that every family has the opportunity to host foreign guests, practice their English and make a little extra money for their family.

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