Mae Kampong Village – Chiang Mai

Mae Kampong Village - Community Based Tourism in a Scenic Mountain Setting


An hour’s drive Southeast of Chiang Mai city, the lovely mountain village of Mae Kampong is home to a small, but thriving community. Arriving in Mae Kampong today, it’s hard to imagine a time when the traditional way of life in the village was under threat. But over the years, the community has had to learn to adapt to a changing world and Mae Kampong is now a role-model for sustainable eco-tourism in Thailand.


Flight of the Gibbon is proud of the part we have played in making eco-tourism such a success at Mae Kampong. In addition to enjoying the thrill of Ziplining, if you visit Mae Kampong you also have the option to see the local artisans at work or you can stay overnight at an authentic homestay to experience northern Thai hospitality.


Traditional way of life

It’s important that the villagers of Mae Kampong are able to maintain their traditional way of life. At the same time, they also need viable sources of revenue to be able to do this and that is why responsible tourism is so important. You help to support the village with your visit and the local community are able to maintain their old traditions which visitors are keen to see. It’s a win-win situation and means that the younger generation have the opportunity to stay in their home village and make a living without having to leave for the city.  

Mae Kampong Village Chiang Mai

Tea and coffee production at Mae Kampong

It’s thought that the first farmers moved to the Mae Kampong areas from nearby Doi Saket more than 200 years ago. Those early settlers came to the highland area of Mae Kampong to farm the land and grow tea. The tea leaves were used to make a local delicacy known as ‘mieng’ which is still produced today. In more recent years, the community has been growing coffee as part of a Royal Project initiative.

Tea and Coffee plantation at Mae Kampong Village Chiang Mai

Homestays at Mae Kampong

When Mae Kampong began to develop as an eco-tourism village, residents set up a homestay scheme which has proved to be a major success. And with the village acting as a co-operative, the revenue has benefitted the entire community. When you book a two day tour with Flight of the Gibbon we will give you the option to stay in the village overnight one of these homestay locations. You will not find air-conditioning or luxuries here this is a rustic and authentic experience.  

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Homestay Chiang Mai Mae Kampong Village

Chiang Mai Zipline plus Village Artisan tour in Mae Kampong

Flight of the Gibbon is proud to offer a combination Zipline tour plus village artisan tour. During this tour you will experience the spectacular local rainforest from the vantage of the treetops in the morning. Then in the afternoon you have a guided tour of the beautiful village and be educated on the traditional livelihoods of some of these intriguing villagers.

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Eco-Village Artisan Tour - Traditional Basket Weaver