Best Family Activities in Thailand

8 Best Family Activities Thailand

Your bags are packed, your tickets booked and your kids are ecstatic for your upcoming Thailand holiday. There’s just one small issue. What activities are there for a family to do? The answer is, plenty. But if you’re looking for the most memorable—that give you a taste of culture, fun and nature—then this list has got you covered. Here are 8 outstanding family activities in Thailand you’re sure to love.

1. Floating Markets

Floating Markets

Sure to spark a sense of wonder in the whole family, floating markets offer a fun way to experience Thai culture. As locals paddle through the narrow waterways hawking a colorful array of souvenirs, authentic foods and goods, you’ll experience the sights and sounds of a traditional Thai market. While there are dozens of floating markets scattered around Thailand, Khlong Lat Mayom and Amphawa are exceptional choices.

2. Flight of the Gibbon

Get outside, breathe some fresh air and give your children the experience of a real rainforest (while having fun doing it). This is a huge hit with both kids and parents alike, Flight of the Gibbon is a very safe and exciting ziplining adventure through the treetops of a virgin rainforest. While there are two courses, one near Bangkok/Pattaya and the other up in Chiang Mai, the latter offers a rare opportunity to see endangered gibbons as you fly through the jungle. The only restriction on the Zipline is children must be 100cm tall or taller to fit into the safety harness correctly. They also include rainforest and wildlife education during the adventure.

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3. Khao Kheow Zoo

Khao Kheow Zoo

If you’re looking for animal centric family activities, Pattaya’s Khao Kheow Open Safari Park is a perfect choice. With over 8,000+ animals and 300 species to see, the 2,000 acre wildlife sanctuary can entertain you and your family for an entire day. What’s more, kids and parents can enjoy feeding the animals, a night safari, and educational demonstrations that showcase wild cats, otters and endangered animals.

4. KidZania

Family Fun

In this awesome kid-centric replica of a city—which includes an airport, theatre, hospital, bank and other buildings—children can explore a mini world where they can participate in over a 100 activities, such as rolling sushi, fighting fires, bottling coca cola and more. Located in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon, this edutainment center will be an eyeful for parents and a blast for kids!

5. Segway Tour of Chiang Mai

Segway Gibbon Family Chiang Mai

What better way could there be to explore a city? Forget the bikes or walking, a Segway tour offers a more exciting way to discover Chiang Mai’s old city and temples. You and your kids are sure to have fun as you glide along the alleyways and back lanes while learning about the ancient city’s historical landmarks. Experienced guides provide a 15 minute segway lesson before the tour and stop traffic as necessary, to ensure all guests have a safe trip. Children must be 40kg or more to use the Segways.

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6. Grand Palace

Grand Palace

One of Bangkok’s most popular attractions, the Grand Palace is an important historical landmark that housed Thailand’s kings over several decades. Located near Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river and Khao San road, the Grand Palace’s large outdoor complex of halls, stupas, pavilions, gardens and ancient statues is beautiful and fascinating for both children and parents.

7. Visit an elephant sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai Family

No trip to Thailand would be complete without an up close and personal encounter with one of Mother Nature’s most majestic animals. When it comes to family activities, Chiang Mai’s elephant sanctuaries offer an unforgettable experience. As you feed, stroke and swim with these gentle giants, you and your children will be beaming with smiles.

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8. Theme parks

Lovely Family

From Bangkok’s Disney-esque Dreamworld to Pattaya’s Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark and Sukhumvit’s Dinosaur World, there are nearly a dozen different theme parks to choose from in the Land of Smiles. If you’re looking for a fun way to break up a temple or cultural-packed itinerary, one of Thailand’s theme parks will be a breath of fresh air for you and the kids.

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