6 family activities Chiang Mai visitors must experience

6 family activities Chiang Mai visitors must experience

No family’s trip to Thailand would be complete without a trip to the northern capitol: Chiang Mai. You’ve likely heard of the city’s famous food and culture. And while that probably sounds appealing to you, your kids may not be so excited. So what can a parent do to entertain the little ones? Here are 6 family activities Chiang Mai visitors will love.



Elephant Sanctuary

elephant sanctuary chaing mai

Nothing lights up a child’s eyes like a close encounter with one of mother nature’s most majestic animals. The elephant. Chiang Mai elephant sanctuaries offer a place where travellers can experience what it’s like to be a mahout (elephant caretaker) while having a chance to bathe, scrub, and pet rescued elephants. For those interested in ethical tourism, Thailand visitors won’t be disappointed in this educational activity the whole family can enjoy. Ask us about how you can combine an elephant sanctuary tour with our Flight of the Gibbon zipline experience.


Loy Krathong

loy krathong chiangmai

If you’re in the city in November, Celebrating the Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai will fill you and your children with a sense of wonder. This magical festival of light—where thousands of lanterns are simultaneously released into the sky and miniature rafts made from banana tree leaves are floated down the river—is an unforgettable experience that all family members will remember for the rest of their lives.


Flight of the Gibbon

flight of the gibbon chiang mai thailand

Be tarzan. Be a monkey. Be a creature of the jungle. Whatever you imagine to be, Flight of the Gibbon offers you and your family a once-in-a-lifetime experience of flying through a virgin rainforest on a zipline. Kids and adults alike are in store for a day of exhilaration, endless smiles, and perhaps even a close encounter with an endangered gibbon, which our slice of rainforest is known for. Kids and “kids at heart” are sure to love this unique zipline experience.


Chiang Mai Night Safari

Chiang Mai Night Safari

Don your safari cap and prepare to be amazed. Kids love animals. And they’re sure to enjoy this unique way to see nocturnal ones—at night from an open-sided tram. Over 300 animals can be seen on the safari, including water buffalos, kangaroos, and white rhinos. To ensure you and your family get a good look at them in the dark, your tour guide will point them out with a spotlight.


Segway Gibbon

Segway gibbon for family

Sure, adults love a fascinating temple tour, but kids may get bored a bit quickly. Enter the segway. On the Segway Gibbon tour, you and your family will explore the 5 best temples in Chiang Mai’s Old City in one of the most unique, fun ways possible—scooting around on a segway. Your kids won’t get tired from walking while they’re having the time of their lives zipping around on these motorized machines. And they’re easier to ride than you think. Two professional guides give you a 15-minute lesson before you begin, and then you’re off for a fun, educational tour your whole family will never forget. This is an easy way to keep the kids entertained while you learn about the unique history of one of Thailand’s most famous cities. Combine a Chiang Mai City Segway tour with your zipline experience for an action-packed day.



White Water Rafting

rafting in river

Escape the heat and journey down Chiang Mai’s scenic Mae Taeng River. Your entire family will enjoy the rapids, refreshing splashes of water, and stunning scenery of the lush rainforest. At Flight of the Gibbon, we offer white water rafting trips as an add-on to your zipline adventure. Safety is our priority. Our expert guides will take you on a 10 kilometer journey through Class 3 and 4 rapids, with stretches of tranquil waters where you can soak up the beautiful jungle vibes. Learn more about our Chiang Mai zipline experience and white water rafting.


For many, Chiang Mai is the highlight of their Thailand holiday because of the diverse activities, cultural experiences, and delicious food. As Flight of the Gibbon has been in operation for over a decade, we have in-depth local knowledge of the best family activities Thailand and Chiang Mai have to offer; and our guides can help you plan the ultimate holiday. Contact our team to easily book the top activities in Chiang Mai.