6 best family activities in Bangkok

6 best family activities in Bangkok

Your Thailand holiday is just around the corner. First stop is Bangkok. While your family is excited about the trip, you want to ensure everyone has a good time. So, how can you keep the kids happy? As Bangkok is a bustling city of over 8 million people, there are plenty of activities to entertain both parents and children. Here’s 6 of the best family activities Bangkok visitors will love.

1. Walk one of Asia’s biggest outdoor markets

Chatuchak Market Bangkok

One of the largest outdoor markets in all of Asia, Chatuchak is a can’t-miss Bangkok adventure for both individual travellers and families. This sprawling, colorful market is packed full of every item imaginable. Prices are low, delicious Thai food is around every corner, and unique items can be discovered among the 15,000 booths that sell here.

2. Zipline through the rainforest canopy

Zipline Adventure near Bangkok

Release your inner Tarzan and fly through the jungle treetops. While you may have tried ziplining back home, the experience doesn’t compare to what Flight of the Gibbon offers—when a real rainforest is added to the mix. While you and your kids are sure to love the adrenaline rush, fresh air and jungle experience, Flight of the Gibbon is also an educational experience. Sky Rangers can teach you about the rainforest’s local flora and fauna, in this pleasant escape from the city.

3. Experience a floating market

Our Floating Dream Floating Market

Experience a time-honored Thai tradition you’ll never see back home: a floating market. For centuries, Thai people have sold goods, food, and trinkets on the water. At Amphawa, one of Bangkok’s most popular floating markets, you can partake in this activity first hand. The gigantic, yet charming market has an endless array of souvenirs, gifts, and items of all sorts. And there’s plenty of delicious local food everywhere. Take a longtail boat tour to explore the many temples around this authentic Thai market.

4. Bike Bangkok’s backstreets

Cycling in Bangkok Street

Take to two wheels and experience Bangkok’s heart and soul. Cycling tours offer an alternative way to explore the city’s historical past and the lifestyles of locals. As you bike through the city’s quiet back lanes and byways, you’ll see Thai life in full bloom. You’ll smile as you observe local kids playing in the street and smell the delightful scent of Thai cooking being stir fried from a street stall. This enriching cultural tour can be added to your Flight of the Gibbon zipline adventure for a small amount. Find out more about our Bangkok City Cycling Tour.

5. Interact with exotic animals

White Tiger in Thailand

Kids love animals. And in Bangkok, you have plenty of options for up close and personal encounters. At places like Dusit Zoo, Siam Ocean World, Safari World and others, you can pet all kinds of animals, including elephants, giraffes, and (for brave souls) snakes. But that’s not all. At Khao Kheow Open Zoo, in the nearby Chonburi, you can take animal interaction to a whole new level—and feed a tiger! Sign up for one of our tour packages to combine a Flight of the Gibbon zipline adventure with a trip to Khao Kheow.

6. Explore ancient temples

Wat Pao Bangkok

No trip to Bangkok would be complete without a trip to the city’s majestic temples. Your kids’ eyes will light up at the sight of gold statues, decadent royal places, and lush gardens. What’s more, your family can even participate in local traditions, as they can light incense and drop coins in bronze bowls (Wat Pho) for good luck. If you only have time for a few temples, don’t miss the Grand Palace, which is the former residence of Thai Kings, and Wat Pho, home to the enormous reclining Buddha.


Want to combine several of the above family activities? Thailand’s Flight of the Gibbon can do just that. We can create a hassle free, multi-day tour that is culturally enriching and is sure to please your whole family. Contact us now.