3 Reasons Why Ziplining May Be Your Most Incredible Thailand Memory

3 reasons why ziplining may be your most incredible Thailand memory

You may have ziplined before. So why should you bother when you’re on holiday in Thailand? Well, ziplining in the Land of Smiles is slightly different. Have you ever seen endangered animals while ziplining? Ever done it in a virgin rainforest? What about having an authentic Thai experience on your excursion? If you’re in search of the best zipline Thailand can offer, it will provide all 3 of these experiences. Here’s how it may be the highlight of your trip.

1. Experience the real Thailand

Mae Kampong Village Zipline Adventure

When you zipline in Thailand, you’re fully immersed in another culture and world. While you’ll likely book your zipline experience from a major tourist hub—like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Pattaya—actual courses are usually an hour or so away from any big city. Some, like our Chiang Mai course, are even located next to authentic Thai villages, which means you can get a real look at how locals live. A village tour of Mae Kampong is offered for free with your Flight of the Gibbon zipline booking.

2. Ever zipline through a rainforest in your home country?

Thailand Rainforest Adventure

Many Thailand zipline courses are set in virgin rainforests, which is surely far different than any zipline you’ve tried back home. Here, you’ll experience the beauty of your natural surroundings while you whiz through the jungle canopy. You’ll hear the sounds of monkeys, exotic birds, and wild animals of all kinds. The experience is something you’ll never forget.

3. Spot endangered species in their natural habitat

Wild Gibbon in Thailand

Not all Thailand zipline tours are the same. Flight of the Gibbon, for instance, is the only one where you can see endangered gibbons in their natural habitat as you zip through the treetops. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll see one, as they truly are wild, but you will almost certainly hear their distinctive howls and hoots.

If you are in search of the best zipline, Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon will deliver with all of the above. The experience is nothing short of amazing. To learn more, contact us today at info@treetopasia.com.