25 Best Things to do in Pattaya Outdoors

25 Best Things to do in Pattaya Outdoors

From thumping discoteques to mega malls, there are many things to do in Pattaya. But what can you do outside during a visit to Bangkok’s beachside neighbor? Are there any adventure activities Pattaya visitors can try? Any culture to be had? Yes, yes, and more. From culture to wine, rainforests and even waterpark crawls, you are sure to find fun, sun and and unique outdoor activities galore in Pattaya. Here’s 25 worth checking out.

1. Discover Pattaya’s best kept island secret

Koh Larn Island Pattaya Chonburi

A short 30-minute boat ride from Pattaya is Koh Larn: a beautiful, small island with turquoise waters. While this place is loaded with tourists during daylight, nearly all of them disappear come sun down. If you’re looking for an authentic Thai experience, stay overnight on Koh Larn and the only foreigner you’re likely to see is the one staring back at you in the mirror.

2. Do a Waterpark crawl

Cartoon Network Pattaya

Forget the pub crawl. In Pattaya, you can do a waterpark crawl. Home to Thailand’s biggest waterpark (Ramayana) as well as Cartoon Network Amazone and Pattaya Park, you’re spoilt for choice in Pattaya. So if you have the time, why not do them all? Hours of fun, water and sun await. 

3. Fly through Pattaya’s most stunning virgin rainforest

Zipline Pattaya - Pattaya Zipline

If you’re looking for adventure activities, Pattaya’s Flight of the Gibbon is as good as it gets. Located in Khao Kheow rainforest and wildlife reserve, this action-packed ziplining adventure has you zooming through the treetops of virgin rainforest in this fun adventure activity, renowned for its safe and thrilling experience.

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4. Rocket to the skies

Rocket Ball Pattaya

Kiss your cares to the wind as you get strapped into a steel ball (which is rubber banded to two towers) and then slingshotted into the sky! Located on Walking Street, Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball is an adrenaline packed ride that will leave you screaming with exhilaration.

5. Discover Thailand’s best wines

Silverlake Winery Pattaya

45 minutes away from Pattaya is Silverlake winery. Here you can tour the beautiful vineyards, discover how the winemakers produce award-winning vintages and even taste the delicious wines yourself. As the vintages here are surprisingly good, this place may forever change your opinion of Asian wines.

6. See a white tiger

White Tiger in Pattaya

While you’ve surely seen plenty of tigers in your life, you’ve probably never seen a white one. But all that changes with a trip to Khao Kheow Open Safari Park, home to a white bengal tiger. What’s more, at Khao Kheow you can also feed an elephant, feed a lion or tiger and go on a night safari. How cool is that?

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7. Experience a garden...and then some

Pattaya’s Nong Nooch garden

Then some? What else could you possibly see at a garden besides pretty flowers, trees and other horticultural delights? Well, at Pattaya’s Nong Nooch garden, you can also witness Muay Thai boxing, an elephant show and cockfights. This could just be the most unique garden you’ll ever visit.

8. Get away from the crowds on a quiet beach

Jomtien Beach Pattaya

Not all Pattaya’s beaches are packed with tourists. Travel a quick 20 minutes south of the city center, and you’ll reach Jomtien beach—which has a lovely, serene beachwalk free from Pattaya’s massive crowds. Worth a look if you’re searching for some quiet sands.

9. See the world’s largest Buddha engraving

world’s largest Buddha engraving

130 meters high and 70 meters wide, Buddha mountain portrays the image of Buddha carved into a limestone mountain. Located 40 minutes from Pattaya, this gold-embossed engraving of the Buddha just so happens to be the biggest of its kind in the world. If you’re looking for a touch of culture on your Pattaya trip, a visit to Buddha mountain is worth considering.

10. Witness one of Thailand’s wildest spectacles

Pattaya Walking Street Nighttime

It had to be said. Walking Street is something like you’ve never seen—even if you never step foot in a discotheque. As you wander along its glittering street, you’ll see men step into a ring with cobras, cast your eyes upon wild themed discoteques such as Alcatraz and Airport club, and question whether the pretty girl you caught eyes with is the girl of your dreams or a ladyboy. A stroll down walking street is not an experience you’ll soon forget.

11. Go Hollywood, Pattaya style

Pattaya Sign

Nestled on a cliff top near Bali Hai Pier is Pattaya’s very own version of the Hollywood sign, proudly displaying the words “Pattaya City.” Not only is this a fun landmark to see, but from up where the sign sits, you’re treated to sweeping panoramic views of the city, pier, and ocean.

12. Be enlightened on the beach

Sanctuary of Truth

As far as Pattaya activities go, the Sanctuary of Truth is an enlightening experience for those interested in eastern religions and culture. Located on a beach in North Pattaya, the wooden structure is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist styles, and contains figures, statues, and carvings that represent Thai, Indian, Cambodian, and Chinese beliefs. One of the most unique architectural wonders you’ll see in Pattaya, if not all of Thailand.

13. Discover the Grand Canyon of Chonburi

Grand Canyon of Chonburi

Hidden away, deep in the Khiri district of Chonburi (about an hour from Pattaya) lies a mysterious place not often seen by locals or travelers alike. Known by Instagramers as the Grand Canyon of Chonburi, the quarry and reservoir is a sight to behold, with an emerald green pool glistening at the bottom of a canyon. Worth the trip for a spectacular view and somewhat adventurous journey to get there.

14. Hike up to a big buddha

Wat Phra Yai

Break a sweat as you climb the long stairway to the biggest buddha statue in the region: Wat Phra Yai. 8 meters high and sat close to 100 meters above sea level, this gigantic statue can be seen from many places in Pattaya and Jomtien beach. While the statue is interesting to see for its sheer size alone, you can also witness the religious aspect of Thai culture at the location, as it’s an active temple where locals come to worship.

15. Explore a Chinese temple

Anek Kusala Sala

If you’ve seen your fair share of Thai temples and are ready for something different, stop by Anek Kusala Sala. Displaying over 300 works of Chinese art, including paintings, jade carvings, bronze statues and more, this picturesque temple is a treasure trove of Chinese culture.

16. Float or stroll around a market

Floating Market of the south

While there are many floating markets to choose from in Thailand, this one is special for how it represents different regions of the country. The market is divided into four sections: the north, northeast, central, and south. Each section sells food, art, souvenirs, handicrafts and more, that represent the various regions. This market is a quick way to get a taste and feel of Thailand’s diverse cultures.

17. Dine on the beach

Bacco Beach Restaurant

There’s nothing quite like feasting on freshly caught seafood by candlelight as you’re serenaded by the gentle slap of waves on a sandy shore. Beach dining is a great way to enjoy a romantic evening of food, fresh air, and ocean views. Excellent choices include The Glass House, Bacco Beach Restaurant, and Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant.

18. Jump off a building

Pattaya Park Tower

Perched on the 52nd-55th floors of the Pattaya Park Tower are restaurants, great views of Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City, and one of the most exciting ways to exit a building. Here you can strap on a harness and soar down 55 stories on a cable wire. For the non-thrill seekers, you can also enjoy a more relaxed cable car ride down with plenty of pleasant views of the ocean.

19. Travel around the world in a couple hours

Mini Siam

Want to see Rome’s Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, Arc de Triomphe, and other famous landmarks within a couple hours? Mini Siam’s 46,000 square meter park shows you the best of Europe, Thailand, and other lands across the globe—miniature style. This attraction is a fun outdoor stop with ample photo opportunities.

20. Sip on locally brewed beer while enjoying a warm ocean breeze

Beer Festival in Pataya

For craft beer lovers and beer connoisseurs, Beerfest in Pattaya offers you a chance to sample some delicious brews. The restaurant/brewery offers four types of beer brewed in the traditional style of German beer makers, which can be enjoyed from their breezy balcony seating. The nearby Hops Brew House, which also brews their own beer, is another exceptional stop for beer lovers.

21. Step back in time to the Thailand of a bygone era

Thai Thani Arts & Culture Village

For travelers in search of some culture, Thai Thani Arts & Culture Village is overflowing. With a visit here, you can experience traditional life and culture from different regions of Thailand, including the various styles of architecture, food, dance and musical performances, and more. Fun hands-on activities include fruit carving, Thai cooking, and learning to play a traditional instrument.

Credit Image: www.thaithanipattaya.com

22. Dive into the big blue ocean

Dive in Pataya

While Pattaya is not known as a diving hot spot, there are plenty of reputable dive shops that can take you out to explore the local waters, swim with colorful fish, and perhaps even see a turtle. Jomtien Dive Center, Dive in Pattaya, and Real Divers are great options for both experienced divers and beginners.

23. Wonder at the ocean’s magical glow

plankton blooms Pattaya

An hour away from Pattaya lies a phenomenon few people see. During Thailand’s rainy season, from June till July, plankton blooms appear at Bang Saen Beach. When the plankton are disturbed, they light up the night in an enchanting bioluminescence glow. For outdoor lovers in search of things to do, Pattaya visitors won’t be disappointed here. Visit the beach around the end of the year for your best chance at seeing the wonder.

24. Gaze at golden meadows and fireflies

Golden Meadows Pattaya

Outdoor lovers are sure to fall head over heels for the fresh air and gorgeous sea of yellow-green plant life known as the Golden Meadow in Rayong. This spot is the furthest away from Pattaya on this list (2 hours), but was added because of its unique natural landscape and pleasant outdoorsy escape from the city. If you charter a boat at night time here, you’ll have a chance to see hundreds of glowing fireflies.

25. Enjoy the colorful beach walk

Pattaya Beach Walk

For those interested in a tamer night stroll outside of Walking Street, Pattaya’s beach walk—the stretch of sidewalk just north of Walking Street—offers a colorful scene of people from all over the world, palm trees, and plenty of lights from the many shops and restaurants near the boardwalk. For those who love to people watch, and enjoy a good walk and ocean breeze, it doesn’t get much better than this.

If you’re searching for what to do in Pattaya, we hope you give some of these fun outdoor activities a try. Whether you’re looking to discover beautiful beaches, fun water parks or culture, Bangkok’s beachside neighbor has something for everyone. And if you want to experience two of these exciting activities for the price of one, Flight of the Gibbon offers zip lining and a tour of Khao Kheow zoo for one low price. With this special offer, you’ll save time while you get the most fun and memorable experiences out of your trip to Pattaya. Contact us today  to learn more.

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