25 Best Adventure Activities Bangkok

10 Best adventure activities Bangkok visitors will love

Who says there are no adventure activities in Bangkok? While the Asian City of Angels isn’t necessarily known for its array of outdoor activities, Bangkok visitors may be surprised at what they can find in the Big Mango. In and around the city, hidden gems of pulse pounding activities, pleasant outdoor escapes and wildlife close encounters abound. So if you’re an adventure lover wondering what to do in Bangkok, here are 10 activities to try.

1. Feed exotic animals

Feed Exotic Animals in Bangkok

Adventure lovers will be tickled by the exotic animal encounters on offer in Thailand. While back home a trip to the zoo may be anything but adventurous, in Thailand you can get up close and personal with animals. At Bangkok’s Dusit zoo you can feed giraffes and elephants. And at Khao Kheow Open Safari Park, which is an hours drive from Bangkok, you can feed tigers and lions (though not with your hands)! Feeding any of these exotic animals is sure to be a thrilling experience you won’t soon forget.

2. Ride the Chao Phraya River to Koh Kret

Chao Phraya River

Most Bangkok visitors will quickly discover the river taxis of the mighty Chao Phraya river. But, do you know what lies at the end of the line? If you take an express river taxi from Saphan Taksin pier all the way to the last stop at Nonthaburi Pier, you can ride a small boat over to Koh Kret island. This lush island, not heavily trafficked by foreign tourists, is a relaxing place for a bike ride and fresh air. On the weekends the island transforms into a bustling marketplace with boutique coffee shops, a craft brewery, and plenty of handicraft shops. Best of all, if you ride the river taxi back at night, you’ll get an eyeful as you’re wowed by the shimmering lights of majestic temples and the glowing cityscape.

3. Escape to the jungle with Flight of the Gibbon

Zipline Bangkok

What could be more thrilling than ziplining through a virgin rainforest? A trip to Flight of the Gibbon’s awe-inspiring zipline course near Chonburi offers just this. You’ll climb into the treetops and then zoom through the rainforest canopy, finishing off your journey with a fantastic 400 meter zipline above the jungle floor. What’s more, your trip is capped off with a trip to Khao Kheow zoo (mentioned in number one above) for a double whammy of adventure in one action-packed day. Pick up, dropoff and lunch are all included for a half day trip with the world famous Flight of the Gibbon Zipline Experience.

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4. Wakeboard at Taco Lake

Wakeboard Thailand

When you’re done zipping through the air at Flight of the Gibbon, why not fly across the water next? At Taco Lake, located 40 minutes away from Bangkok’s city center, you’ll clutch a tow rope attached to a metal cable that whips you around on a wakeboard, kneeboard or water skis. While this activity is great fun for newcomers to extreme water sports, there are also ramp installations for more experienced riders to try their hand at jumps and tricks.

5. Leap from a plane

Skydiving Bangkok

If you’re not up for flying, why not try dropping out of a plane? Travel just a bit outside of Bangkok to the nearby Chonburi/Pattaya area, and you’ll come across several Skydiving operators. If you’ve never leapt from a plane before, there is no need to worry. Many operators offer tandem flights, which allow you to fall from the sky attached to an experienced skydiver. That way you’ll feel more comfortable as you plunge to the earth, wind rushing across your face, as you soak up the stunning views part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

6. Cycle along Bangkok’s back lanes

Cycling tour Bangkok

Get a unique glimpse of local life with a cycling tour. As part of Grasshopper tours bike excursion, you’ll discover the real Bangkok as you wind through back lanes past ancient temples, canals and locals going about their daily routines—all while your guide shares some history of one of Asia’s most magnificent cities. To pack even more adventure into your trip, Flight of the Gibbon offers this bike excursion as part of a two day multi-adventure tour, which also includes ziplining and a trip to Khao Kheow zoo.

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7. Day trip to a national park, Unesco site, or historic World War 2 landmark

National Park Bangkok

Want to see the ruins of ancient temples? What about World War 2’s famous bridge over the River Kwai? Or, maybe you’d rather search for wild elephants where Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach was filmed. Different day tours from Bangkok offer activities to any of these destinations (though not all in the same day): Ayutthaya, a Unesco World Heritage Site with ruins speckled throughout the city; Khao Yai, Thailand’s first national park where part of The Beach was filmed; and Kanchanaburi, home to World War 2’s death railway. If you don’t have time for a multi day trip to these locales, they’re well worth considering as a day tour from Bangkok.

8. Dive with Sharks at Ocean World

Ocean World Bangkok

Besides being full of exotic fish and stunning displays, one of Asia’s largest aquariums also offers an incredibly unique adventure activity Bangkok thrill-seekers are sure to love: diving with sharks. At Siam Ocean World you can cast away your inhibitions and submerge yourself in the aquarium's largest tank, coming face to face with tiger sharks, reef sharks and leopard sharks. If you’re hungry for adventure, shark diving in Bangkok’s city center will satisfy your craving.

9. Learn Thailand’s most famous martial art

Learn Thai Kick Boxing

Strap on your boxing gloves and step into the ring—Thai style. If you’re looking to get a dose of culture with some adrenaline-packed fun, consider trying Muay Thai. While you may not have time to sign up for a month long, or even week long course, there are several gyms around the city which provide you a chance to try Muay Thai for a day. No fighting experience? Not to worry. Just come to class with an open mind, and you’ll be throwing kicks, elbows and jabs in no time as you participate in this famous Thai martial art.

10. Explore the Lungs of Bangkok


If you want to get some fresh air while jumping slightly off the tourist track, a visit to the Lungs of Bangkok (real name Bang Krachao) is a must. Located a quick 10 minutes from Bangkok’s BTS Banga station, you’ll feel like you’re in a different world on this lush island. Here you can jump on a bicycle and explore a floating market (on weekends), an enormous park and bird watching sanctuary, and the quiet forested back lanes that line the waterways of this outdoor wonderland. Certainly worth a trip if you’re looking for a fun day trip just outside the city.


11. Brave the Tornado at Dream World

Dreamworld Bangkok

Think you’ve conquered the most thrilling theme park rides around? Think again. Bangkok’s premier amusement park, which is basically a Thai version of Disneyland, is home to one of the most insane rides you’ll ever come across. The Tornado shoots you 7 storeys high while spinning you in 3 different directions simultaneously at up to 75 km/hr. If you’ve ever been curious what it feels like to be in the heart of a tornado, this will hopefully be the closest you’ll ever get. 


12. Conquer the King of Fruits

Durian Thailand

Who’s afraid of the big, bad King of Fruits? Durian has a reputation for terrifying the most adventurous food connoisseurs. Some love it, others hate. But the polarizing fruit is sure to emote a strong reaction from anyone who’s tasted its unmistakable flavor. Be brave. Crack open the spiky shell and dig in with a spoon if you dare.


13. Fire a gun

Shooting Range Bangkok

Grab a 9mm, shotgun, or rifle and take aim. For first-time shooters or experienced gunners, the Bangkok Shooting Range offers you a safe environment to fire away at a variety of targets, including clay pigeons. If you’re ready for the excitement of unloading a couple rounds, check this place out.


14. Surf in the city

Surf Bangkok Thailand

Shred some waves in Bangkok’s indoor surf beach club: Flow House. This refreshing escape from the Big Mango’s concrete jungle is home to an epic stream of water that races at an impressive 32 kilometers per hour. Head on over to Sukhumvit 26 to jump on a board, carve some waves, and scream in exhilaration.


15. Gape at exotic snakes

Thai Red Cross Snake Farm

See a man wrangle a king cobra with his bare hands at the Thai Red Cross Snake Farm. And there’s more to come. From a rainbow snake to a bright green tree snake, radiated rat snake and more, you’ll see an impressive array of snakes close up in this educational and thrilling show. Located near Silom BTS.


16. See cadavers, skeletons, and corpses

Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum

Ready to be startled? The unsettling Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum located in Siriraj Hospital is nicknamed the Museum of Death for good reason. A visit here gives you an up close look at the insides of cadavers, cabinets full of skeletons, and corpses affected by genetic anomalies. Not for the faint of heart—but certainly for the adventurous.


17. Seek out a possessed doll

possessed doll

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Luk Thep dolls may be the closest thing to voodoo in the Land of Smiles. A popular trend in Thailand a few years ago, locals used to carry around these incredibly lifelike dolls that are said to be possessed by spirits. If you can hunt down a shop still selling them, you may find yourself in a room surrounded by hundreds of Chucky-like dolls, which can be quite the creepy experience. Bangkok activities don’t get more unusual than this.


18. Marvel at a dramatic tale of Thai history

Siam Niramit Bangkok Thailand

Sometimes the biggest thrills don’t involve what you do, but what you see. The Siam Niramit show takes you on journey through time to explore Thailand’s rich history and culture. With over 100 performers and 500 costumes, the performance is one of the largest stage productions on earth and has even been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.


19. Dare to devour insects

Insect street food Thailand Bangkok

Crunch your teeth on tiny deep fried grasshoppers or silkworms. Or down some liquid courage and devour the big bugs, like scorpions or tarantulas. You can find insect food stalls all over Khao San Road, as well as in Patpong and the side streets of Chinatown.


20. Cruise Bangkok’s backwaters

Cruise Bangkok’s backwaters

Bangkok isn’t nicknamed Venice of the East for nothing. The canals, or klongs as they’re known locally, are everywhere in the city. Several tour companies can help you explore these backwaters—cruising you by temples, shrines, kids swimming in the waters, and locals going about their life—giving you an intimate look into how life used to be lived throughout much of Bangkok. If you’re looking for outdoor activities, Bangkok canal tours are a good choice.


21. Touch the sky

Sky Bar

Stand atop a skyscraper and marvel at magnificent city views while taking in a sunset. Anyone with a thirst for adventure will enjoy the breathtaking experience of being on top of the world, or at least on top of Bangkok, with nothing but the sky above. If you’re looking for things to do, Bangkok’s variety of sky bars are sure to awaken your sense of wonder.


22. Experience public transport from another world

Tuk Tuk Thailand bangkok

Bangkok public transport isn’t like back home. A ride on one of the old beaten up buses with open windows, tiny ceiling fans, and wooden floors quickly reveals its character. But that’s just the beginning. Race through Bangkok’s side streets on the back of a motortaxi, wind through traffic on a tuk tuk, or cruise down the Chao Phraya on a river taxi. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, each form of transport offers a unique adventure in itself. And don’t forget to try the next item on this list.


23. Book a third class train ticket anywhere

Train Bangkok Thailand

Perhaps the king of adventurous transport, a trip on a third class train from Bangkok to anywhere is an experience straight out of Indiana Jones. Wooden benches, locals crammed into every seat, sellers squeezing through the aisles as they hawk fruit and sodas, and windows...big windows with no glass. Pop your head out to take in the scenery, the breeze, or the sheer adventure of it all.


24. Journey down the Chao Phraya on a dinner cruise

Chao Phraya on a dinner cruise

East meets west as you float past glistening temples, towering skyscrapers, and the twinkling lights of hundreds of wooden riverside houses. A cruise down the magnificent Chao Phraya at night is an otherworldly experience sure to delight adventurers. What’s more, dinner cruises offer an immersive cultural experience with traditional Thai dancing and authentic local cuisine.


25. Ascend a massive rock climbing wall

rock climbing wall Bangkok

Get your adrenaline pumping and get high. Rock climbing walls are adventurous in nature; and in Bangkok, you have several indoor rock climbing walls to choose from. So strap on a harness and test your strength and abilities on an epic ascent. Places to climb include Urban Playground, Rock Domain, and a handful of others. 


If you’re looking for things to do in Bangkok, adventure seekers can’t go wrong with any of the above activities. And if you’re short on time, Flight of the Gibbon can help you combine several of the trips above into a one or multi-day excursion. That way you can ensure a memorable, pulse pounding trip that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Contact us today or find out more here.