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Say hello to our friendly and professional team.

Flight of the Gibbon has an amazing team of professionals with colorful backgrounds find out more about our very special people.

The team

  • Duck

    Conservation Executive

    Duck Conservation

    Duck is a passionate nature lover who graduated from Chiang Mai University with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences. Duck was helping Flight of the Gibbon with our conservation events as a volunteer long before she started working for the company. This busy lady has worked with FORRU-CMU (Forest Restoration Research Unit - Chiang Mai University) to help with forest restoration and educate the local community on sustainable practices. She was also the local coordinator in Chiang Mai for the PUR Project.

    Duck is even busier than usual at the moment, managing Flight of the Gibbon’s various conservation projects. She decided to join Flight of the Gibbon’s conservation team because, in her own words, “Unlike most companies that do token conservation work for positive publicity, Flight of the Gibbon does real conservation work and actually cares about the environment and the community”.

  • Anan

    Restaurant Musician, Chiang Mai


    Born in Mae Kampong Anan has lived his whole life in the village and has been part of the Mae Kampong Village Committee for more than 15 years. Before Flight of the Gibbon came to Mae Kampong it was an Eco-Village and when Flight of The Gibbon proposed its plans for an Eco-Tourism Zipline Anan immediately loved the idea. This was a great opportunity for the village as Flight of the Gibbon would produce jobs for the villagers locally so they wouldn’t have to commute to Chiang Mai every day for gainful employment.

    Anan set about helping with the logistics of setting up the Zipline and communication between the village committee and the company in 2007. Once the Zipline Course was complete Anan started training to become a Sky Ranger and worked as such for 6 years. In 2014 Anan decided to setup a Thai music band with his fellow villagers so that the guests of Flight of the Gibbon could experience traditional Thai music whist enjoying their meal in the restaurant.

    As a big advocate for Eco-Toursim Anan has also been involved in every tree planting event since the company started its conservation work in 2008. Anan has also been assistant to the village chief and is currently also part of the maintenance personal for the village hydroelectric plant.

    You will find Anan in the Restaurant playing music for the guests of Flight of the Gibbon. His English isn’t perfect but hes super friendly, don’t be afraid to come up and say hello. 

  • Somchart

    Restaurant Manager, Chiang Mai

    Flight of the Gibbon Staff - Somchart

    Graduating from Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok with a degree in Political Sciences, Somchart worked for 24 years at Dusit Hotels and Resorts where he gradually worked his way up through the ranks to become the Manager of Catering. Somchart seems to always be smiling. He likes to chat with people from different countries and cultures and enjoys working at Flight of the Gibbon for the comfortable mountain weather and friendly atmosphere.

    The Flight of the Gibbon Restaurant in Chiang Mai employs various people from the local village as chefs on a rotating roster so that more villagers can benefit from a shared employment structure. There are currently five groups of local chefs who work a 52-day roster before rotating to the next group for another 52 days.


  • Sorn

    The Honey Hunter, Chiang Mai

    Flight of the Gibbon Staff Sorn - The Honey Hunter

    Sorn is another member of our team who grew up locally in Mae Kampong village. He only completed four years of schooling and when he was just 8 years old he was trained in the ancient techniques of procuring wild honey from high up in the forest canopy. It’s a dangerous job and not for the faint-hearted. Sorn would climb one-handed up a narrow bamboo ladder that was perched up against the side of a tree. With his free hand he would release smoke to disorientate the bees so that he could retrieve the honey and place it in the bag attached to his body.

    With years of tree-climbing experience, Sorn proved to be the perfect candidate to help in the construction of our Zipline course. When we first built the course in 2007 our foreign engineers were amazed at Sorn’s climbing skills. As a man of all trades he also assisted with construction of the roads, restrooms, trails and platforms. Sorn is still an important member of the Flight of the Gibbon family and assists with maintenance tasks as well as helping our gibbon guard.

  • Lee

    Gibbon Guard, Chiang Mai

    Flight of the Gibbon - Gibbon Caretaker Lee

    Gibbons are the most endangered of all ape species and are threatened by loss of their forest habitat and poaching. The illegal wildlife trade results in gibbons being killed so that their body parts can be used in Chinese medicines. To observe and protect our rehabilitated gibbons and their family, Flight of the Gibbon employ a team of gibbon guards.

    Lee is one of our special gibbon guards who helps to protect the gibbons. Lee was originally a local coffee and tea farmer in Mae Kampong Village and still has her own plantation on the mountainside which you can see as you fly through the jungle on our Zipline course. Lee has been watching over our gibbons for the last three years and has received specialist training from Chiang Mai University to enable her to work with these rare animals.

    When asked what it’s like to be a gibbon guard, Lee said she was surprised by how much she now loves them. She worries about the gibbons at night when there is heavy rain or storms. Regardless of whatever happens with her work in the future, Lee says she will always return to watch over the family of gibbons. She is also regularly entertained by their intelligence and humor. When Lee is observing the gibbons from nearby they sometimes watch her and imitate her movements or the way she sits. And just like people do, the gibbons get super excited when they see their favorite foods.

  • Champ

    Company Liaisons Officer, Chiang Mai

    Flight of the Gibbon Liaisons Officer

    Champ has been with Flight of the Gibbon since the very beginning in 2007. He was one of the original staff members who helped David Allardice and his team set-up Zipline cables and platforms throughout the jungle. We affectionately refer to Champ as our ‘everything man’. A man of many talents who lives up to his name, Champ has worked almost every job we have available. At one time or another he has been a greeter, safety officer, Sky Ranger, Assistant Manager, Operations Manager, and Liaison Manager. Champ is now the Segway Office Manager and Company Liaisons Officer.

    Champ is a local, born and raised in Mae Kampong Village and is passionate about action and adventure sports. So, when the opportunity arrived to have this kind of activity in his own small village he was super excited to get involved. That excitement has never diminished even after being attacked by a swarm of bees. The incident happened when he was helping to build the Zipline course and resulted in him spending three days in hospital. Like a true Champ, he laughs about it now and we’re pleased to say that the bees are still playing their part in the eco-system although we have relocated them to protect our staff and guests.

  • Jacky

    Sky Ranger, Chiang Mai

    Flight of the Gibbon Sky Ranger Jacky

    Formerly a Papaya farmer, Jacky was born and raised in Chiang Mai. He graduated from Rajabhat University with a degree in Computer Programming, but never fully adapted to office life. Jacky’s personality is more suited to the outdoor life and he joined Flight of the Gibbon in 2012 as a Sky Ranger.

    Jacky loves everything about working for Flight of the Gibbon where he welcomes guests from all over the world to his ‘office’ in the beautiful Thai rainforest. Some of Jacky’s daily tasks include checking equipment, frequent inspections of the course and recording detailed logs of any maintenance work carried out.

Our Sky Rangers

At Flight of the Gibbon, Safety is our number one priority. You can be rest assured that you can have fun and be in safe hands with our Sky Rangers every step of the way.