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Flight of the Gibbon is the #1 Zipline tour operator in Thailand, established in 2007. We are proud to provide action-packed adventure experiences to people of all ages and all nationalities. Book a Zipline tour with Flight of the Gibbon and you will enjoy our award-winning service combined with the highest possible safety standards. Glide effortlessly through the treetops for a unique view of the stunning Thai rainforest on a day full of fun and thrills.

Flight of the Gibbon supports responsible eco-tourism and with the help of our friendly local experts you will also learn more about the rainforest and the people who live nearby. In addition to Ziplining, you can also choose from a range of exciting activities to enjoy during your trip to Thailand. Read on to discover why we are one of the most established and trusted Zipline tour operators in Asia, what we are all about, and what to expect during your treetop canopy adventure. Let the fun begin!

Where are we?

  • Bangkok Pattaya Flight of the Gibbon

    Our Bangkok/Pattaya Zipline course is located on the borders of Chompoo Wildlife Reserve. The convenient location is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours from Bangkok or Pattaya. Round trip transfers are included when you book a Ziplining tour with Flight of the Gibbon.

  • Chiang Mai Flight of the Gibbon

    Flight of the Gibbon’s Chiang Mai Zipline course is located in the beautiful rainforest 1 hour outside Chiang Mai city. The price of the tour includes pick-up and drop-off in our modern, private mini-vans.

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When you book a Flight of the Gibbon experience you are contributing to our extensive conservation projects in Thailand.

  • What We're Up To

    Striving to strengthen communities, support the environment and save local wildlife.

    Orphan Project flight of the gibbon
  • What We Have Done

    Flight of the Gibbon are proud of our achievements and you too can play a part in helping local communities and the environment.

    What we have done at flight of the gibbon
Our Conservation Story

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